Youth Independent Party (or YIP, like our friends call us) makes fashion-forward basics for kids ages 1 to 10. We are passionate about what we do and the world our kids live in. That's why we're taking a different approach to the clothes we make. Our line is constructed from environmentally responsible materials, and we've chosen to design and manufacture right in our hometown of Long Beach, California. These are clothes you can feel good about. But even more importantly, these are clothes your kids will love to wear.

We try not to have too many rules, but we do have a few...

be independent
#1 be independent Free thinkers need a blank canvas. YIP kids basics pair perfectly with your kids’ funkiest accessories or can simply be worn head-to-toe. We believe style is individual and love nothing more than to nurture creativity.
#2 use better
building blocks
YIP creates custom fabrics knitted using Recover yarns, which are made from 100% upcycled and recycled content. Cotton fabric scraps collected from other apparel factories are milled by color, eliminating the need for chemical dyes and water waste, while also creating a unique color range. Polyester is obtained from recycling PET beverage bottles. The resulting fabrics look and feel amazing and are 100% safe and sustainable.
play fair
#3 play fair Though the apparel industry is a global in its scope with workers and materials coming from every corner of the earth, we feel it lacks a global consciousness, one that follows rules that consider, respect and care for every person involved in each step of the manufacturing process. To play fair, we set our own rules. We design our clothes. We source responsible materials. We manufacture locally.
#4 think global,
act local
YIP clothing is proudly designed and manufactured in Long Beach, California. Housed in a LEED Gold Standard–certified facility, our factory is just minutes away from our design office, giving us easy access to our production line for utmost quality control.
think global,<br>act local